Friday, October 18, 2013

The career path...

Last week, I had my first external crits with real-life Architects. See the lady sitting in front of me in black, far-left? That's Ar. Nafisah of the successful malay female Architects in Malaysia. I think for some of us, if not most of us girls who are in Architecture....we struggle and strive to be a vogue and successful architect. I used to worked for another female Architect, Ar. Almaz, who was another iron-lady, but yeah, let me tell you...female architects are strict and CRAZY to work with, including me MYSELF.... kesian lah siapa yang bakal bekerja bawah saya... I would expect you to know everything! hehe.

The other day my pakcu offered to send in my resume for the government application. He can help push for a JKR position or a PTD position. Of course, PTD is totally out of the question.... I struggled since 15 to become an Architect...macam merepek je kalau jadi PTD...lebih baik quite belajar sekarang.

A JKR Architect seems like a better choice....working in a government office, will of course be the opposite of the private office. The truth is, I have this belief, that at least me alone believe that I can go beyond the average. I didn't struggle all this much to just feel easily contented. I aspire to work in a big bright office of a tall building, with an international team and incept myself into the corporate world. I have ambitions, and I don't mind staying up and working hard. 

Pondering the fact that I will be getting married this year, I had to weigh my options, but hey, I am getting married to yet another high-achiever who enjoys the company of a high-achiever wife. So, to feel comfortable about the prospects of working in a government's office, I had to refer to someone who is in JKR but still leads a fabulous-not-boring life (which I did found, and she's awesome...) ...kerja kerajaan ni bukan apa...benefits banyak, but the opportunity to do architecture (to actually design and call yourself an Architect) is not as much. Tapi kalau ada rezeki dan dapat position dalam JKR...I'll definitely give it a try... but I'd prefer other corporate bodies like PETRONAS, which does actually have an Architecture department...but hey, going into such companies will not be easy with tough competitions all around. 

Well whatever it is, I'll give it a shot for a few years, because kalau nak merasa international projects, mestilah kerja big private companies. Join JKR bukan sebab nak kerja RELAX, kalau nak relax jangan jadi Architect... but I hope that this will be a great opportunity for me to climb up the corporate world and inshAllah obtain a comfortable income by the time I am 35. 

Dream big, and work-hard, always! 

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  1. Salam kak. Saya stdent 1st year cfs iium ni. Berminat nak buat architecture :) just nk tanya pengalaman akak dkt gombak. Best tak buat architecture? Sbb saya byk trima komen negatif psl course ni :\