Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cooking for the lucky man!

When asked, what would he like for dinner. His reply was a simple... "Fruit Salad".


Shall I put my hands in the air now and say "Alhamdulillah! Tak payah masak??"

I have asked him many, many times, what would he like for dinner after coming home from work. His reply remains either...Roti, Soup or Fruits. I was trying to get a real dinner dish answer out of him... .hmm..No..nothing.

Well, it's not like I am so good at cooking. I mean, I could barely boil eggs...but obviously I would like to cook for him. And since my mom is such a great cook, people say it will naturally come to me... but it seems like I could happily stick to my detox juice and pasta, and just make him some Soup (home-made..not cans, that way I'll have some work to do...) and of course...his Fruit Salad.

However, some of Mr. Fiancee's favourite meal includes Chicken dishes and Sushi/Japanese dishes, as well as Thai Tomyam. He even gave me a chicken recipe book for me to learn!

For Malay cooking it is definitely Masak Lemak Cili Api and Lemang with Rendang/serunding. Not forgetting his malay roti canai (not mamak, this guy DOES NOT ENJOY MAMAK) and ofcourse Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Dagang.

So far, these are the noticeable dishes I know he enjoys. When he starts eating, he starts it with fruits or something sweet....slowly, and by the time people are about to tambah nasi second round, dia baru nak start with his first (and only) plate of rice.

Getting him to eat is like telling a seven year old skinny boy to eat. Eating is like his enemy. He would whine...or complain if I put more than two scoops of rice onto his plate. He would squirm. *sigh*

I don't know if I should consider myself lucky, but I guess, with the very few dishes he enjoys, and an even smaller eating portion.... I pretty much do not have to cook like crazy.

I hope he likes Kurma though. I just love it. Hurrah for the skinny man!! #sianariff

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  1. lucky you eka.. ariff tk kuat makan..heheh.. hei ariff, you jaga badan yek? hahah..